Social Engineering Tests

The attacks called as Social Engineering are one of the fundamental hacking methods. Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they share their confidential information. The types of information that cybercriminals are demanding can be different. However, they generally obtain critical information such as your passwords or bank account information. They can access your computer by installing a malicious software without your knowledge. It is always the best not to share your confidential information with others. As UITSEC which is a company well known both in Turkey and the world we help you to detect whether the awareness levels of your employees meet the levels required for the security of the organization.

For example, some of your employees can ignore the predetermined security measures when they come across an attractive shopping opportunity or an interesting news. They can also open e-mails that they think coming from a colleague and click on the malicious link hidden in the e-mail. They can even share their confidential information with the wrong persons without knowing to be targeted. At this point, we detect all vulnerabilities that can be exploited from electronic mail platform. We benefit from attack scenarios while increasing awareness among your employees.