Process Management and Strategic Planning

Every day, all over the world, thousands of IT systems are targeted. Some systems are targeted when there is no reason and others are targeted for political reasons. However, generally they are targeted to steal money or commercial secrets from the targeted organizations. Are you sure that your cyber security management regime minimizes the risks in your organization?

If your organization is not confident about cyber security, your IT systems can be compromised, attackers could have already obtain your new product plans or other important information; they may already be running your process control systems. Are you sure that this has not happened in your organization?

Whatever business sector we are in, we all use the internet. We research and develop on it; purchase and sell on it; get in contact with our customers and also benefit from the internet about logistical support. In short, there are many benefits offered by the internet. However, we cannot escape from the fact that it also brings many new risks.

Being aware of the potential threats is one of the most important elements of process management and strategic planning. Furthermore, organizations should pay attention to identify the risks on critical information as well as financial, legal and other risks. They should also discuss the importance of protecting information. Disclosure of information can result in many negative impacts. It is very critical to remove the majority of risks about the disclosure of information. Responding the incident without losing time is an effective way to minimize the impacts.

However, every step to be taken should be determined in advance. The determined steps should be followed and no step should be ignored in effective process management. Ignoring one of the essential steps can result in negative impacts for organizations. With UITSEC you feel more secure than ever thanks to the effective process management and strategic planning carried out by our professional team.