The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which is generally referred to as PCI-DSS is a very important standard which organizations should comply with to handle payment data such as credit cards. Banks, e-commerce sites or online payment systems are the most important targets of attackers.

Therefore, all other processes at the point where credit card numbers, bank accounts and digital payment systems get in contact with the physical world should be continuously kept under control because of high risk rates.

UITSEC, which has carried out many successful projects in the field of information security since its establishment, aims at full security in all organizations where PCI DSS compliance is obligatory.

PCI DSS plays a critical role in developing secure software applications. For a strong application security, it is very important to protect the cardholders’ data or test security systems and operations regularly.

The organizations accepting transactions with credit card through the internet are obliged to prove their compliance to PCI Data Security Standard. At this point, UITSEC supports PCI DSS compliance processes of organizations and ensures the security of data.