Malware Analysis

Today’s technologies produce hundreds of solutions for protecting critical data. However, every technology has vulnerable parts in itself. Hackers can find these vulnerable parts and access critical data without your knowledge. Hackers can also use malicious software commonly known as “malware” to hack your systems. Malware found on systems can share your information with other systems or perform various malicious actions in order to steal or collect your confidential information. In some cases, it is difficult to detect the malware on your computer. They are designed to stay hidden and steal the targeted information.

Malware analysis should be carried out by professionals because it is a very important subject for the security of your information. During malware analysis, systems should be carefully analyzed with an aim to detect every kind of malicious action. UITSEC Malware Analysis and Eradication Team consisting of highly experienced and skillful individuals and knowing the importance of the relevant process carries out the essential analyses 100% manually and eradicates the detected malware successfully. We will support you in every process until we ensure the full security of your systems.