Investor Relations

UITSEC is an information security and consulting company providing product-independent cyber security service to its customers. The head office of UITSEC, established in 2002, is in Istanbul and it is a company with 100% Turkish capital. UITSEC improving its services and itself continuously since its establishment has made a name within the country and abroad thanks to highly successful global projects carried out between 2006 and 2008. Since 2010, our company has increased the number of services offered to the customers, initiated effective R&D projects and carried out the first Security Process Management project of the world.

UITSEC (Universal Security Technologies Group):

* incorporates the most qualified and experienced information security experts of the country.

* has made significant contributions to our country in R&D efforts.

* gives particular importance to domestic resource use in foreign projects and provides its employees with international certificates.

* leads the field as it publishes many scientific articles.

* prevents foreign source dependency with its attitude towards foreign investors and vendors.

* supports R&D projects with the income and cash flow obtained from company structure.

“In order to do better you only need to respect what you do”

  • UITSEC is a specialized company offering critical solutions and effective solutions to its customers and gives particular importance to investor relations.
  • For UITSEC, it is very important to establish effective communication with investors and increase investor value through business performance and practices. In this way, more effective steps can be taken to achieve determined objectives.
  • UITSEC offers comprehensive security solutions in line with the needs of the customers. The company takes the demands of the customers as a primary concern and taking firm steps in order to obtain positive results is important.
  • UITSEC offers effective solutions to protect information assets of enterprises and succeeds by prioritizing investor relations.