Espionage Tests

The development of global economy has led to the formation of competition environment. As a result, organizations have begun to fight each other in order to collect information as much as possible in order gain competitive advantage. Next generation technologies have caused an increase in the number of attacks and information security has become a necessity for all organizations as a result of these developments.

“Corporate Espionage” is one of the most important subject that organization should pay more attention to. By keeping a close watch over individuals or target organization without causing suspicion, every illegal activity is documented. Everyone who gets in contact with the target individual/group is photographed and when necessary information and documents are obtained by penetrating into the target’s system.

As a result of cyber espionage, the following impacts are observed:

  • Loss of data such as intellectual property, customer data or personal information
  • Loss of reputation, prestige and business opportunities
  • Interruption of daily activities including financial processes, supply chain and communications
  • Loss of customers’ confidence