Emergency Response

Within the framework of UITSEC Emergency Response and Consultancy Service we take all the necessary steps to protect your organization from all kinds of cyber-attacks and respond to the attacks right on time. We provide service 24/7 in order to deal with emergencies. You can contact the technical staff any time you want with the password given to you by UITSEC.

The following steps should be taken during emergency response:

  1. Defining the Emergency
  2. Categorizing the Emergency
  3. Initiating the Remote Support Process
  4. Inclusion of the On-site Support Teams in the Process
  5. Identifying Emergency Process and Source Points and Fixing the Problem
  6. Preparing and Delivering the Report

UITSEC takes all necessary steps in order to enhance your security and manages this process with its professional team. After the problems are solved, a report is delivered to you. Our company maintaining R&D efforts for more effective Emergency Processes offers you Mercure SPM and HackButton technologies.