DoS/DDoS Tests

DoS/DDoS attacks are malicious attempts to make a server, system or network unavailable for users, generally by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet. The tests we perform aim at measuring software and architectural resistance of your systems to DoS/DDoS attacks. Your systems are tested by applying many methods and the results are evaluated in order to provide the most effective solutions for your security.

As UITSEC, we perform Denial of Service tests over our servers on various locations of the world including Turkey, China, USA and Canada. Before, during and after the tests, servers are uninterruptedly observed; all potential threats and risks are minimized in order create a more secure environment. Thanks to the use of rich methodologies, the security of your systems is ensured against all possible attack types that can be confronted on the software or network architecture. We are aware that your security is very important for your organization’s reputation and future success. You should also become aware of the fact that if you ignore the importance of security, you can face many unrecoverable impacts.