Corporate Security Control

Today’s cyber security paradigm is a reactive cycle: when a threat is exposed, it is analyzed and providing an effective solution or applying this solution can take weeks, months or even years. The problem is that the attackers can easily reuse the pieces of malware previously existed, modify them or create a new threat by bypassing the updated security measures.

In today’s threat environment, the only thing that doesn’t change is the change. Everything changes – the types of attackers we face, the way our users work and the techniques that hackers use to infiltrate our networks. The complexity of such threats increases every day. Therefore, new risks and uncertainties requiring more visibility in operations continue emerging.

The systems based on the distribution of production, management and information sources are the factors shaping today’s economy. The fields in which information is used have penetrated into the every area of the society. Many of the modern companies need information systems to survive. At this point, security measures protecting systems and applied in various forms come to the forefront. Using these measures or controls effectively means creating awareness among the personnel within the organization.

Therefore, UITSEC gives particular importance to corporate information security controls and maintain the corporate security of your organization in the most effective way.