C.I.P.S. (Consolidated Infrastructure Premium Service)

Within the scope of this service, all security processes in your organization are implemented, monitored, audited, managed and maintained by UITSEC. The purpose of this service is to manage all security processes of your organization with our team of experts without imposing any physical, technical or mental responsibility on your employees. We take the responsibility to manage all your security processes proactively and effectively from a single point thanks to our premium service we have specially created for our customers.

“One Step Ahead of Security”

Within the scope of this service the followings are conducted;

  • Identifying all infrastructure and DMZ architectures,
  • Controlling all security devices integrated with infrastructure,
  • Ensuring security coordination with third-party companies,
  • Managing vulnerabilities,
  • Removing vulnerabilities,
  • Ensuring patch management,
  • Ensuring change management,
  • Developing/improving data leakage prevention strategies,
  • Preventing internal threats (any harmful actions violating the fundamental principles of information security and originating from the information system inside the organization),
  • Ensuring security of all system components and processes,
  • Ensuring security of all network components and processes,
  • Conducting security audits of all web applications in the organization,
  • Conducting security audits of all software in the organization,
  • By paying attention to international security, stability and performance criteria, managing the control, implementation and development processes of all software to be used in the organization by coordinating with the software development team of the organization,
  • Ensuring development of safety standards according to the organization’s structure and culture by combining the best practices and applicable status of international security and auditing standards,
  • Establishing guidelines and baselines,
  • Conducting IT Risk Analysis and providing proactive monitoring of risk management process with 100% reality.